“My approach to nutrition is integrative, whole, living, plant nutrition. I have learnt to cultivate a love story with food, a love story that works two ways. I know that each bite of food is nourishing, healing and transforming me.

I know that it’s making me healthier, more radiant and more alive. I want life in my years as well as years in my life, and I want to do it as naturally and wholistically as possible. The decision I made to nourish myself with organic, mainly raw plant food is the ultimate expression of love for myself. In return, I thank my food for all it provides me and any left over goes back to Mother Earth to begin the cycle of life again. I hope to inspire the same love of energetic food in you and the people I touch and teach in my life – my students, friends, and family. I will facilitate YOUR personal and empowering journey as you discover that healthy nutrition is the ultimate form of self acceptance and self love.”

xoxo Debs

Debra is passionate about educating on the benefits of whole, living, plant based nutrition. As an Advanced Science of Raw Food Educator™ she imparts information in a way that is easy, understandable, interesting, quite often eye-opening and even controversial! Her aim is to have you feel confident and comfortable with the material presented so there is no room for confusion, but with plenty of room for personal opinions…

One of the things many clients have said to me is their confusion about the constant contradictions around foods and diets. I agree. If you go on the internet on any given day, clever marketing is making it’s claim for some food or diet  which may have been unhealthy yesterday, healthy today, then unhealthy again tomorrow! While I certainly don’t know everything, it does plague me that a susceptible audience are given information without knowing all of the facts, especially when it incomes to health. My aim is at least to give the full story behind nutrition, backed up by Peer Review research and documented clinical trials.

These are difficult times… As a nation, as a planet, we are consuming more and more dead, denatured, devitalised food. Processed food has now become the norm for most; if you look at a food label there are more E’s and food colorings than REAL nutrition. Unfortunately, this bears no resemblance to nutrition whatsoever and I have to ask myself at what cost we continue to consume in this way. Obesity is on the rise; diabetes, degenerative disease, cancer, all have links to diet and lifestyle and yet we still see these debilitating and tragic diseases prevailing. Many of them could be avoided and when I see them happening more and more, and now in children, I could cry. I would like to see a return of people preparing food from scratch, from garden to plate. I think if people really knew the health benefits, more would return to Mother Earth…and I see this happening increasingly now. I want people to have choices, make choices, take personal responsibility and feel empowered in what they choose as lifestyle and diet. I would like to see our planet become healthier and happier, with better quality of years in our life.

Some of the things you can expect to learn – and definitely not limited to!

  • Why the colour spectrum is important
  • Nutrients, antioxidants, phytonutrients, Omegas
  • Organic vs traditional fare
  • Raw vs cooked
  • The importance of digestion
  • Super foods – or super marketing??
  • Raw vs cooked
  • Peer review research on anti-ageing
  • To supplement or not to supplement??
  • The art of self love in nutrition
  • Creating healthy body image
  • Weight control

Debra gives nutritional presentations for both individuals and groups. She is also available for company / corporate talks. Presentations are offered as stand alone, or part of food preparation, coaching or programme packages.