Loosening the noose…


Today, the sad truth of the Iraq war…a war which never should have took place and to this day the repercussions continue. My heart goes out to the people who lost their lives and the families who were left behind. While their fight still goes on, I wish they could let this go…not for Blairs Sake but for their own.

I know all about forgiveness. I lost my father in a tragic explosion at work when I was 14. An explosion which should not have happened and came down to money saving, and negligence.  I lost my big brother when he was only 37 , again negligence , this time medical and pharmaceutical. I carried this pain around for years, until it became my crutch-If anything went wrong in my life I always had something o blame. My loss. Those murderers.

Forgiveness is one of the hardest things to work through. “Does this mean I’m condoning what they did?” ” They deserve to be punished, to suffer”. these are the kind of questions/comments that come up. Fact of the matter is though, it’s not for us to worry about another’s suffering and it’s certainly not something we should wish on anyone else regardless of what they did or do. You forgive to save yourself, it’s not about letting them off the hook it’s about letting yourself off the hook: finding your peace in a situation. The perpetrator has to live with what they did, not you. Ultimately everyone deserves forgiveness and compassion. What Blair did was wrong, but he will have his own demons to face in this…sadly. I say sadly because at the end of the day we’re all human and we all carry our pain around,our faults, and misgivings, and we all deserve to stand in forgiveness. I’m sure he must feel bad about the pain he caused….I’m not in his head and I don’t pretend to understand but I do know when you you can forgive then you untie the noose around your own neck….