Hi, I’m Debra Jane Wales…teacher, coach, speaker, creator, miracle facilitator, global traveller and health foodie. My passion and expertise lie in empowering and facilitating people on their path to self discovery, wellbeing and transformation. I  gently encourage and support your dive into the deep blue ocean of the SELF, wherein lie infinite facets of your true essential nature. Here, you will experience true self intimacy, true self acceptance and true self love….

If you’re ready for the next step of your LIFE, come work with me privately. Join me in a workshop, or come and play in a full immersion PERSONAL GROWTH AND TRANSFORMATION retreat, in some of the most spectacular and energetic places on earth.

I will teach you all you need to know to achieve optimal wellbeing, longevity, radiance and self-love. You will learn the importance of nourishing your body and soul with natural, organic botanicals, fresh, whole plant food, and healthy movement. I will teach you how to release the chemical, physical and emotional toxins which hinder wellbeing, and share why beauty is more than skin deep. As you step into the realms of SELF-DISCOVERY, I will be your guide and support as you peel back the layers and unravel the ties that bind you to any old patterns and behaviours which may be keeping you from a life driven by PURPOSE AND PASSION. Through Yoga, Meditation, Transformational Coaching, EFT, and further mind-set changes, I will EMPOWER you with the confidence to reach inside and connect with your INNER KNOWING so that you may experience the miracle of your true SELF, and share your treasure with the world…for the highest good.

xoxo Debs

Debra is PASSIONATELY IN LOVE WITH LIFE and her enthusiasm for HEALTHY LIVING  AND SELF-DISCOVERY are infectious. She is the embodiment of her own teachings , whole heartedly WALKING  HER TALK. Her CUT TO THE CHASE, NO MESSING ATTITUDE is both refreshing and radical.”  She believes  in the INFINITE POSSIBILITIES of  our human existence and Spirit, and  feels ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE…

It’s important to have dreams, goals, passions, loves… this is what moves us forward! However, there is often too much emphasis on FINDING AND HAVING the perfect body, the perfect hair, the perfect life, the perfect partner. I get this, of course I do! However, in this search for external perfection, the simple things; the beauty; the joy; the dreams; often go unnoticed and finding a balance between the two is vital if you want to stay in the present moment. I believe in a pro-active approach to wellness, health and beauty. I also believe it requires quiet discipline and inner motivation, however I don’t believe in beating yourself up to get there…  it has to be in the NOW, AND it has to be FUN! The paradox is, as soon as you lighten up on yourself the very things that elude you will start to flow towards you. When you stop pushing so hard and take time to listen to you, rather than find you, it’s at this point the shift will occur. Your self confidence will grow, you will feel more content, more fulfilled and more serene. It is then your body will naturally request healthy choices in what goes in it and what goes on it… it will just feel right. The dead devitalised food won’t feel good anymore and will naturally drop away. This is when the changes will happen…. those extra pounds will come off, you will find true acceptance in a healthy body image, your eyes and skin will glow, you will feel sexy and ready to take on the world! Most importantly, you will know you already are perfection…


Debra has over 28-years of experience in the health, wellness and beauty profession, having first started her journey as a Sports Therapist, Massage Therapist and Personal Trainer. She was the owner of a happy and successful studio in Lake Como, Italy for 9-years. A Yogini at heart, she is one of only a few 500-hour Shiva Rea Prana Flow®, and Jennifer Reis Divine Sleep® Yoga Nidra Teachers in the UK. She has studied extensively with Deepak Chopra and the most prolific Teachers, Masters, anti-ageing specialists and nutrition experts on this planet. On her travels Debra ended up in the Anne Wigmore Institute for Living Foods in Puerto Rico and the prestigious Living Light Institute in California. Fascinated by the vibrancy and vitality she experienced while there for three months, she decided to graduate as an Associate Chef and integrate it into her teachings, helping her clients and students not only feel good spiritually, but also physically as they cultivate a healthy relationship with food, relationships and life in general. As a student of the metaphysical text A COURSE IN MIRACLES, Debra is adept in facilitating people to manifest miracles in their daily lives. She describes miracles as “A shift in perception whereby you move from a place of fear to a place of LOVE. When you are in this space peace, joy and creative flow are abundant. It’s here that MIRACLES happen.”

The untimely, and sad, departure of her big brother at a young age from complications of eczema and asthma, ultimately led her to study, research and develop her own active, pure and organic skincare range PRIMORDIAL BELLE which she makes and sells in small batches with love.


“I came dancing out of the womb… twinkle toes was my second name. And, at the age of two I knew compassion and empathy. It was obvious where my life would lead me even then… but little did I know (like most of us) the stepping stones I would have to walk on to get to this point in my life would be painful and paved with broken glass. I knew personal grief too early on in my life when the man I looked up to most, my father, was killed in a tragic accident. It rocked my small world and that single second in time was the defining moment for the path I am still on. That path went from fear and insecurity, through hope, trust, love, joy and faith, as I learned with quiet discipline, love and  private, patient practice of my crafts how to “fill my drinking glass”… now it’s never empty… I MADE THAT MY CHOICE. A second personal loss of my beautiful brother further added to my resolve to “let my voice be heard” and in turn inspire, heal, teach and educate…

My personal challenges have made me the person I am today, which will be different to the person I am tomorrow as I continue to grow, shift, ebb, flow and evolve in my life. It’s a journey this precious life of ours, and one to be cherished, loved and lived… I hope you MAKE THAT YOUR CHOICE…

I came to the understanding that it is all there inside of us…”The best and most beautiful vision of us is right there inside of us and always has been.” Quite often it is obscured by painful memories, stress, unhealthy lifestyles, habits and low self esteem… but it is there waiting to be unlocked… I feel immense gratitude that I am able to share my loves and passions in a way that will help you discover and reclaim your own internal healer, beauty, vitality, health and playful, zest for life. I am committed to helping and inspiring you on your path of health and abundant joy and beauty. Here’s to feeling and living ‘YOUNG ON LIFE!!’


Debra is available for one-to-one sessions in the comfort of your own home

Investments start from £4150 per week

Travel time is included in this price, however travel, expenses and accommodation will be invoiced separately.
Please contact Debra directly for available dates and further information.